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Fretboard Roadmaps Bluegrass and Folk Guitar Book/Cd

Product Description

Learn the essential patterns that all great guitarists know and use! This book/CD pack will have you playing lead and rhythm anywhere on the fretboard, in any key. YouÕll learn chord-based licks, moveable major and blues scales, major pentatonic "sliding scales," first-position major scales, and moveable-position major scales. The book includes easy-to-follow diagrams and instructions for beginning, intermediate and advanced players. The CDincludes 41 demonstration tracks to help you perfect your new skills.

There are several books in the 'Roadmap' series and they all share the same attributes. This one is no exception.

They all cover pretty standard ground in terms of popular licks, phrases and 'boxes' within which to play and improvise.

Despite brief introductions, they all assume at least some familiarity with the guitar fretboard and the reading of either notation or tablature. But assuming you aren't a total beginner, the books are ideal.

They all cover a lot of ground in very little space in both great detail and in a well-developed style that is very easy to follow.

In short - the 'Roadmap' series set out to provide you with a basic repertoire of skills and licks and then show you how to develop them in your own playing.

The 'folk music' referred to in the title is unashamedly American in nature, but that is no great problem.

Briefly, the content of this book covers the following topics:

the fretboad
major scales and intervals
1st position major scales
two moveable major chords and variations
using F D and A in various positions on the fretboard
chord fragments, families and progressions
moveable major chords and melodies
double-note licks
blues bloxes
major pentatonic scales
another double-note lick (the 'yodel' effect)


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