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The Beatles to a Tee-Vol. 1 Dvdrip

All you've got to do is watch and listen to learn how to play 16 of the Fab Four's most sought after compositions on guitar!

Not only does video host Rob Taylor capture impeccably accurate guitar-only renditions of each song, but also ensures that every element of each song is included. This enables the viewer to learn all songs in their entirety! This DVD also exclusively features a spectacular and innovative form of presentation that you just simply won't find anywhere else! A split-screen effect that shows up to 3 guitar parts being played simultaneously! This invites the viewer to learn all guitar parts that were used in each song.This 55 minute DVD undisputedly offers a far more valuable lesson in Beatles guitarmanship than any other competitive source. You won't find guitar renditions of Penny Lane, Let it be, Strawberry Fields forever, or any other non-guitar song in this DVD. You'll only find guitar-oriented songs shown the way the Beatles played them!

The Beatles to a Tee-Vol. 1
Song List

* Please Please Me
* All My Loving
* Till There Was You
* And I Love Her
* Eight Days A Week
* I Feel Fine
* Yesterday
* Norwegian Wood
* Michelle
* Girl
* Day Tripper
* And Your Bird Can Sing
* Blackbird
* Julia
* Dear Prudence
* Her Majesty

Bonus Tracks

* I'll Be Back
* I Call Your Name


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Anônimo disse...

Hey buddy, great post!!! but the DVD will only halfway down the track "Dear Prudence." Could you please post the continuation?
Keep up your great work!!!