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Dave Celentano Advanced Rock Lead Guitar DVD

Dave Celentano: Advanced Rock Lead Guitar
DVD | 720x480 | VOB | 7000 kbps | 29.97 fps | Aspect ratio: 4:3 | Audio: PCM 1536 kpbs @ 48 KHz | 2.4 GB
Arrangement: Guitar (GTR) | Skill Level: Intermediate/Advanced | Author: Dave Celentano
Publisher: Centerstream Publications | Published on: 16/02/2005
Genre: Guitar Video Training

The third and concluding part of Dave Celentano's comprehensive guide to mastering the Rock Lead Guitar. This DVD introduces a selection of complete solos in a variety of styles that will put your new techniques to work.

Styles include:

* 80s solos
* Modal and exotic soloing in rock
* Acoustic Blues soloing
* Triads
* Arpeggios
* Legato string bending
* Vibrato
* Tapping

Celentano breaks each solo down, discussing scales, techniques, tonalities and concepts of structure.

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